Squad Up For Battlefield V

We have active NA and EU groups taking to the Battlefields of World War II!!


Join our Discord to find a squad and fill out an application here: https://www.fighting13th.com/join/


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Founded in 2009 and active ever since, the Fighting 13th is an international, diverse group of mature gamers who play for the love of the game. We are a casual clan, valuing teamwork, respect, community, camaraderie.

Click the links below to learn more about our community structure and the game we play. Find out what makes us so respected in the gaming sphere.

World of Warships

The Fighting 13th currently has active North American and European companies, with fleets led by capable Captains and supported by international crews of dedicated community members. We regularly participate in weekly clan battles, and have groups putting their mettle to the test on the high seas on a daily basis. Click the links below for more information and to enlist today!

Discord Login has been disabled for the website. Please use your username and password to login. If you need assistance, please contact thebronxbomber or any other admin.

Holiday Tactical Tuesday


ARMA Calendar

Event details




Deep in the Arctic Circle a solitary reconnaissance base has been taken over by Russian Spetznaz in the dead of winter. Drone footage of the site has shown they are being lead by the notorious S. Claus, the original operator and forefather of special operations. You’re tasked with taking back the recon base from Spetznaz hands and eliminating Claus. Don’t let your guard down, as even in his old age he is a cunning and devious opponent. 


He knows when you’re sleeping, and He knows when you’re awake. 


It’s time Gentlemen. Santa Claus has come to town.


Slots are open for this one!!!

MOD List to come.



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