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Founded in 2009 and active ever since, the Fighting 13th is an international, diverse group of mature gamers who play for the love of the game. We are a casual clan, valuing teamwork, respect, community, camaraderie.

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The Fighting 13th currently has active North American and European companies, with fleets led by capable Captains and supported by international crews of dedicated community members. We regularly participate in weekly clan battles, and have groups putting their mettle to the test on the high seas on a daily basis. Click the links below for more information and to enlist today!

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    30 January 2019 02:00 AM

    With the destruction of the Yangon's drug fields and their fuel depot, as well as the full rout of the local Army forces, the Yangon are now fully aware of our presence within the Tonle Sekong. 

    The hide-site you discovered belonging to the Marine Force Recon team, along with the KIA Marine, revealed a marked POW Camp deep in the Jungle that is run by the local forces; after further drone and satellite recon we have ascertained that two of the Marines are still alive and being held there.

    Your task now is to rescue the captured Marines, destroy any remaining arms and drug caches you can find, and evac as quickly as possible. The 13th MEU is standing by in the South China Sea to provide support for your evac. 

    Bring the Marines home SEALs.

    Phoenix and Harpy [ZEUS] [Copat149]
    Team Chief [Considered Overall Lead] 
    EOD Tech [Demolitions]
    Scout Lead 
    Scout Sniper 
    Scout Spotter 
    Element Leader 
    Mechanic [Can fix vehicles] 
    Operator [Breacher] 
    SARC Medic  
    Element Leader
    Mechanic [Can fix vehicles] 
    Operator [Autorifleman] 
    SARC Medic 

    Coreboy, Omega


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