• October 2019 Awards

    Greetings,    With the end of October and the "falling" back of our clocks, we bring you the October 2019 awards. Without further ado:   MEMBER OF THE MONTH AWARD  Member of the Month Award - @Yasvar (October 2019) Despite This is Yasvar's second instance of this prestigious award. Yasvar went above and beyond this month, even above and beyond his normal above-ness and beyond-ness. He took on the lead effort in organizing the momentous Stormwolfe Cup III, the period

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    Fall 2019 Newsletter

    The Newsletter serves you curated content from around the community. We hope you enjoy this issue!     Member of the Month Awards  Member of the Month Award - @vault1965 (July) Despite being with the clan a short amount of time he's been instrumental in helping our Division 2 player base grow. Always positive he takes the time out to help people with farming, builds, raid tactics and generally making new people feel welcome. He's a rising star--look out! A job well done

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    Fighting 13th Turns 10! Happy Anniversary!

    HAPPY TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!   It has been an honor leading you fine bunch. It has been a wild ride at some points. Today marks ten years from when the Fighting 13th (originally the 13th MEU) was established.  We played basically the three games on my PC....Battlefield 2, Battlefield Heroes, and Age of Empires III. Age of Empires was never too big and Battlefield 2 died off, but Battlefield Heroes became our first game game, where we had an impressive seven squads at one point! Early 2010 c

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    July 2019 Newsletter

    The Newsletter serves you curated content from around the community. We hope you enjoy this issue!     Member of the Month Awards  Member of the Month Award - Gunfios (April) While still being a relatively new member, gunfios has shown great commitment to both sides of the pond within the World of Warships Division. For six weeks straight, gunfios played day and night in world of warships clan battles, helping the team to victory. The insomniac old git was never swayed by the petty squ

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    GREETINGS! Here ye, here ye! Come one! Come all! The Fighting 13th will be hosting a medieval tournament of epic proportions at 2 PM EST / 7 PM GMT on the 11th of January, 2020 (subject to change)! High-speed fights shall be fought! Fair ladies be won! And most importantly, mutton shall be eaten and mead shall be shall be drunk (at each participant's own costs) to see who shall reign victorious in this most pleasant competition. Events shall include: Jousting Melee battles of different varieties Archery and ranged competitions Team and individual events AND MORE! *A full list and schedule to come PRIZES: GRAND PRIZE: The winner of the tournament shall win the Medal of Valor 2nd Class. The runner-up shall be awarded the Medal of Valor 3rd Class. Third place, among others, will be awarded the Valor Citation! If you think you have what it takes to compete, hit that RSVP button, and be ready for what be a comin' this January 11th!
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  18. Saturday is my daughter's birthday, but I might be able to attend a Sunday version if there is one.
  19. Guardians, it's finally time to enter the Garden! This weekend we will journey into The Black Garden and attempt to take down the Sanctified Mind. This raid has some awesome looking mechanics and is going to require some solid teamwork. So bring all your DPS, your wits and your courage....you're gonna need it! Event is limited to 6 people and is first come first served. If you can't sign up, comment below and we will look at running it a second time, later in the day. Please make sure to watch the guides below, all the encounters are detailed, as well as suggestions for what your loadouts should look like. Also if you want to get the Divinity exotic make sure you have completed the first steps of the quest, the video below explains how to start the quest if you haven't already (video starts at the raid puzzles). You need to get to step 4 before starting the raid.
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    Operation Whiteout

    EUCOM has received intel that GRU forces have deployed to Altis and are using an abandoned hotel complex to conduct clandestine distribution of arms and WMDs to insurgent forces in the area. Unique weather conditions have resulted in an inability to maintain satellite surveillance and drones are unable to fly as a high strength blizzard has moved over the island. Further intel suggests that rapid deployment of arms is being facilitated through [redacted]. The possibility of losing GRU forces and their WMD distribution network is a risk we are not willing to take. Your team is being deployed immediately. Prepare for adverse winter conditions.
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