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    Member Spotlight, June '18 : Kraknar

    By BillyBantam,
    A popular feature from the old website, Member Spotlight, is back! Each month we will take some time to learn a bit more about one of our members. This month it's @Kraknar. Q1. Can you share a real life picture? A. I hate pictures and all that crap, THEY STEAL YOUR SOUL! Q2. Where are you from? A. Issaquah, Washington. It's about 30 mins outside Seattle Q3. Tell us a little about yourself. A. My name is Drew, I am 31 years old and I've gone back to college to get my bachelors in IT. I have a background as a mechanic, and a ton of personal IT experience. I like building fast things, be that a computer system or a car. Over the last 5 years I have also gotten into long range target shooting, which is tons of fun. Why do I have to have expensive hobbies? Q4. What's the first video game that made an impression on you? A. That's a tough one and probably has several answers. The one that stands out the most, and that I played the longest, would have to be Everquest. Other games of note would have to be the Command and Conquer series and Goldeneye for N64. Q5. Why/When did you join the Fighting 13th? A. I made a post on Reddit looking for a group to play ARMA 3 with. Got several replies and the 13th just felt like the best fit. With the old website down I can't cheat and look up the date I joined now, but it was something like November 2015 iirc. Q6. Any notable memories from your time with the community? (Funny, sad, memorable, whatever) A. I remember a time in ARMA when we were moving in to take a town. As we go in, somebody mentioned to watch out for team kills, and not 10 seconds later, Stormhall TK'd someone! Q7. Have you met anyone from the community IRL? A. Yes! Hopefully I will get to meet more in the next year as well. Went to a local RenFaire with Lennoxx. Hoping to get some people together next September for PAX.  Q8. What types of games do you usually play? A. Anything really. Except sports games and fighting games... damn button mashers... Q9. What's your guilty pleasure game? A. Don't really have anything specific, but probably Simulator games. I may or may not have wasted hours doing random shit in them.  Q10. What is one game you feel every person should play at least once?  A. This one varies a bit by genre really, but i'm torn between CounterStrike 1.5 or Civilization 5. Sadly, some games that belong here no longer exist. Looking at you Ultima Online and Everquest.  Q11. What would you like to see from the Fighting 13th in the next 6 - 12 months? A. I honestly don't know. It has been nice seeing the recent growth. However I feel like we are lacking a good shooter to really get behind at the moment, Battlefield 1 just didn't have the spark that it needed to really draw people in.  Q12. Would you rather fight a horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses? Explain. A. I would rather fight a horse sized duck than 100 duck sized horses... Better odds. Plus, when I win, they are delicious.   

    All Entries from the Screenshot Competition!!

    By Danius,
    I bet you all thought we forgot about the Official Screenshot and Media Competition that we spoke about last month. But you would only be partially correct!! At long last, I have posted all of the screenshots we received for the competition on the new website. Thanks to everyone who submitted screenshots and videos, some are really, really awesome. You can view all the entries by clicking on the link below.   One of the purposes of this competition was to be able to test out some functionality with the site and see how our members enjoy or dislike interacting with it. Please head over to that link, check out all the screenshots, leave some ratings or some comments, and then let us know what you think of the site. Please visit the gallery and check out all the screenshots, leave some ratings or some comments, and then let us know what you think of the site. We'll be selecting a few finalists and will then hold a poll to determine the winner. Many of the people who submitted media for this competition are part of @Leadership so we'll need to make them eligible for the prize as well. Next time we do one of these I would hope to see some awesome screenshots by many many more of you. As a reminder, the winner of this competition will receive a free DARK SOULS III and DLC key

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