• October 2019 Awards

    Greetings,    With the end of October and the "falling" back of our clocks, we bring you the October 2019 awards. Without further ado:   MEMBER OF THE MONTH AWARD  Member of the Month Award - @Yasvar (October 2019) Despite This is Yasvar's second instance of this prestigious award. Yasvar went above and beyond this month, even above and beyond his normal above-ness and beyond-ness. He took on the lead effort in organizing the momentous Stormwolfe Cup III, the period

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    Fall 2019 Newsletter

    The Newsletter serves you curated content from around the community. We hope you enjoy this issue!     Member of the Month Awards  Member of the Month Award - @vault1965 (July) Despite being with the clan a short amount of time he's been instrumental in helping our Division 2 player base grow. Always positive he takes the time out to help people with farming, builds, raid tactics and generally making new people feel welcome. He's a rising star--look out! A job well done

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    Fighting 13th Turns 10! Happy Anniversary!

    HAPPY TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!   It has been an honor leading you fine bunch. It has been a wild ride at some points. Today marks ten years from when the Fighting 13th (originally the 13th MEU) was established.  We played basically the three games on my PC....Battlefield 2, Battlefield Heroes, and Age of Empires III. Age of Empires was never too big and Battlefield 2 died off, but Battlefield Heroes became our first game game, where we had an impressive seven squads at one point! Early 2010 c

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    July 2019 Newsletter

    The Newsletter serves you curated content from around the community. We hope you enjoy this issue!     Member of the Month Awards  Member of the Month Award - Gunfios (April) While still being a relatively new member, gunfios has shown great commitment to both sides of the pond within the World of Warships Division. For six weeks straight, gunfios played day and night in world of warships clan battles, helping the team to victory. The insomniac old git was never swayed by the petty squ

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  2. After the removal of CSAT Forces from Altis, an uneasy peace settled over the island nation as the AAF and the Altian government attempted to rebuild. In the shadows, VIPER teams had been dispatched to blend in with the local populace and sow discontent with the governments slow rebuilding process. Angered over the lack of progress, an armed insurgency has erupted across Altis, and the still battered AAF have lost all ability to contain the situation. NATO, still in the process of withdrawing equipment and personnel from the fight, has halted and turned its attention back onto the island nation after a suicide bomber killed 14 NATO personnel and 4 British Nationals near the Altis International Airport. In response NATO forces have announced that forces will remain in place until the insurgents have been dealt with and the situation is under control. Alongside NATO's response, a British SAS team has been dispatched with the intent on punishing those that dare raise the flag of war against her, and have been tasked directly with finding and eliminating the VIPER commander on Altis. In an effort to not repeat the past mistakes of Iraq and Afghanistan, NATO forces have been assigned a local AAF unit to facilitate interaction with the locals, in an effort to lower tensions and hopefully gain more intel on insurgent movements. CBRN equipment has also been dispatched to all units as intel has been received that Insurgent forces have acquired, and plan to use, chemical weapons to further their goals. It is of the utmost importance that destruction of peoples homes, civilian casualties, and unnecessary violence be avoided at all costs. OBJECTIVES: Elimination of VIPER Commander Destruction of Weapons Depots, Recruitment Centers, and IED Factories Route Clearance of Main Highways and MSRs Intelligence gathering on Insurgent movements. Destruction of Chemical Weapons. WHAT WE NEED: MEDEVAC TEAM 2x Helicopter Pilots 1 Crew Chief 2x Flight Medics CAS TEAM [AAF] 2x Helicopter Pilots EOD TEAM 1 Team Leader 3x EOD 1 Repair Specialist INF TEAM 1 1 Team Leader 1 Sharpshooter 1 Medic 1 Autorifleman 1 Rifleman 1 Rifleman Light AT INF TEAM 2 1 Team Leader 1 Machine Gunner 1 Ammo Bearer 1 Medic - Ivar F13 1 Rifleman - Crusader F13 1 Grenadier INF TEAM 3 [AAF] 1 Team Leader 1 Autorifleman 1 Medic 1 Grenadier 1 Ammo Bearer 1 Radio Operator SQUAD LEADER [of Teams 1/2/3] 1 Squad Leader 1 Radio Operator 1 UAV Operator BRITISH SAS TEAM 1 Recon Team Leader 1 Recon Medic 1 Recon JTAC 1 Recon Autorifleman 1 Sniper 1 Spotter MORTAR TEAM 1 Team Leader 1 Mortar Gunner 1 Assistant Mortar Gunner 1 Ammo Bearer 1 Radio Operator Please maintain Clan integrity where possible, but we do encourage mixing it up!
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    Monthly senior council meeting
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  6. Age 28 Gender Male Region EU Location Netherlands Primary game you wish to join us for Other Game Games you play Other Game ARMA Rocket League World of Warships War Thunder Microphone Yes Discord ID asbuster#7825 Steam/UPlay/Origin username asbuster Referrer Guest How did you hear about us? Heard about you guys through Elephantagon Hours of availability 26 Why do you want to join us? I heard about you guys from my IRL friend Elephantagon. He got me to play EVE Online again, and now looking for a good group of guys/females to play with. Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? Not sure what to put here? Additional information
  7. Age 22 Gender Male Region NA Location Indiana Primary game you wish to join us for Escape from Tarkov Games you play Microphone Yes Discord ID OwOhGodMyLegsOw#1446 Steam/UPlay/Origin username Referrer Guest How did you hear about us? Ran into member while playing Hours of availability 22 Why do you want to join us? I've been playing with the EFT guys and wanted to make the membership official. Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? Good Comms, FPS experience for 5 years, and a good rapport with the EFT guys already. Additional information
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  9. Join up to take on the Leviathan raid on Prestige level. If you are signing up please have prior clears of the Leviathan raid and I would suggest that you also get your Legend of Acrius quest to the final step as completing the raid on prestige will grant an ornament for this weapon. This requires 10 seals which can be easily farmed from the first part of Leviathan. If you need to do this before we start let me know. The Prestige version of the raid will see a slight increase in the power level of enemies we will face (around 20 to 30 power levels), the challenge comes in the changes to some mechanics, please look at the article below and familiarise yourself with these changes. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-01-30-destiny-2-leviathan-raid-guide-walkthrough-4747?page=8
  10. Or horses, catapults, or bows--bring them all!
  11. Jfranklin94

    Swords N' Shit

    Its Mordhau night bitches. Grab your Swords N' Shit and LET'S KILL EM ALL!!!
  12. This is a friendly match against F-C to practice clan battle tactics. 7v7 tier 10 battles.
  13. Hi, thanks for your application. As part of the approval process we need you to join our Discord server, and play a few games with us. See you there soon.
  14. If you are going for the Savior badge this season you are going to need to complete a legendary Sundial run while defeating Inotam. Inotam doesn't arrive until February 2nd, so it would be good to get some legendary runs in before then, especially as they are a source of pinnacle gear. As they are not matchmade and require some co-ordination I thought it best to set a time when we can go for it. Plan is to start at 2:00pm CET and go on throughout the day, getting as many people through each run as we can. RSVP if you are interested and comment below when you can be around through the day.
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    With the onset of hostilities between NATO and CSAT forces as the latter aggressively expand their territory and control into the "Med", CSAT have fired the opening shots in all at war. The 98th Guards has deployed a Mechanized unit to take Altis, whose strategic command of the Eastern Mediterranean is of dire import to either side. While the AAF fought a valiant delaying action against the aggressive and brutal onslaught of the CSAT invasion, they have lost control of their country and now hold a small pocket near the South Eastern edge of the island nation. CSAT has used their control of the island to erect SAM hardpoints as well as SCUD missile sites, in hopes of controlling shipping lanes in the Eastern Med. NATO forces have committed the 13th MEU with supporting units and CAG CVN-83 [USS FREEDOM] to retake Altis and assist the AAF in regaining control of their country. Primary Objectives are as follows: 1. Secure the AAFs remaining foothold on Altis 2. Eliminate SAM Hardpoints to solidify our Air Superiority 3. Destroy ALL SCUD Missile Sites. 4. Capture of Key Objectives: MSR IRISH OBJ MODOR OBJ ROHAN OBJ GONDOR Secondary Objectives are as follows: 1. Secure defense along Phase Line Riddermark 2. Destroy Fire-Finder and Anti-Air Radar Sites. 3. Elimination of Viper Forces. 4. Capture CSAT SATCOM Equipment. Mod List is attached. The Op will run 2 cumulative sessions approximately 4 hours each starting and ending the same time on Saturday and Sunday. The week prior a Briefing and Planning session will be held with all Squad Leaders. Arma 3 Preset Aegis2.html
  16. Age 36 Gender Male Region NA Location Primary game you wish to join us for Other Game Games you play Microphone Yes Discord ID Moonlightkms#3542 Steam/UPlay/Origin username Sirio92783 Referrer Guest How did you hear about us? Reddit Hours of availability During the morning and early afternoon EST, varies with my online schooling needs Why do you want to join us? I posted on a Destiny 2 subreddit about joining a guild despite my rl disability and your name came up, figured why not. Do you have any skills or abilities which would be beneficial to us? I'm a hard worker despite my disability, rarely complain in raids etc. Former WoW raider in WotLK, can take orders and am a team player. Additional information I do have cerebral palsy which limits my reaction time/speed to a certain degree but always strive to overcome it to the best of my abilities.
  17. I played with this lad yesterday, He is solid and good to go.
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    Afraid im away that saturday for a concert. Will not be able to join on that particular date. Sorry
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    Monthly Senior Council Meeting
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