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[Official] History and Mission Statement

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Posted 27 January 2015 - 08:05 AM

The Fighting 13th was established by thebronxbomber July 2009 originally under the "13th MEU" (Marine Expeditionary Unit) moniker. The Fighting 13th was created for Battlefield 2 originally but quickly branched out to Battlefield Heroes, where it became a big hit, and then it made its way into Battlefield: Bad Company 2, thus solidifying its existence. 


The Fighting 13th has been alive and kicking since 2009, through several games and with members from six continents (and dozens of countries).  Fighting 13th has played Age of Empires, America's Army, ArchAge, ARMA, Battlefield (all of them since Battlefield 2 basically), Call of Duty, Counterstrike, Combat Arms, Halo, Killzone, League of Legends, Medal of Honor, Planetside, War Thunder, and of course many other games on the side and in between.  Most members hail out of North America and Europe, but we also have several members from the Oceania/Far East region. 


Why so many different games with members from everywhere? It is the like-minded culture we espouse here in the community that brings us all together on the website and in our Teamspeak and in the many parties online Playstation Network and Xbox Live for hearty, wholesome gaming and fun.  No matter our job or our function to society "in real life" ("IRL"), there is an inherent bond between us all as gamers that the Fighting 13th attempts to bring together.


We value teamwork, proper communication, respect, camaraderie, and leadership, but the main goal of having a blast with each other.  We do a fair amount of competitive gaming (whether internal or external), partake in and host events and operations. as well as having periodic (usually weekly) trainings and other division-specific raids and "get-togethers."  We reward members with ribbons for their participation, dedication, and leadership.  Ranks are earned mostly through leadership, which is not handed out per se, but it is something new members can grasp early in their time here.  Members are encouraged to take on leadership positions within a short amount of time having been with the Fighting 13th, something that sets us apart from most clans and communities.


Most importantly, we are a casual clan.  We are open to all who meet our requirements,  We understand there is a "real-life" outside of gaming and the clan that members will need to attend to--and that is fine.  We hope those members are able to take care of those responsibilities in their life outside of gaming and if any way possible, we would like to help, whether through advice on our communication mediums, or even financially if a desperate need arises.  Here at the Fighting 13th, we understand these obligations and we get that you might not be able to be online a week or two.  We hope that as much as we will be able to help and understand you, you do the same for us as our sort of "social contract" between us--that means being active on the forums and letting us know when you cannot fulfill clan duties and participate in events that you may have signed up for and so forth. 



Lastly, our future.  Officially, this clan changed its name from the 13th MEU to the Fighting 13th in 2014 to rid itself of its "realism" association (and the thinking of outside gamers of us) and to reassure our members of our casualness.  The Fighting 13th has had its ups and downs, just like every great organization, but, we continue to strive toward a better community, and better gaming.  We look forward to playing the latest and greatest titles on the market and we hope that we will become bigger in the clan scene--of course keeping that "small-clan" attitude and atmosphere while maintaining and growing our sizable membership.  If this sounds like the active community you want to join, click "Join 13th" and follow the recruitment steps to join our ranks.





Fighting 13th and its Staff





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