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Member Spotlight #11: InvictusProsper

03 Jan 2017

Posted by MattOf7Questions in News and Announcements

Member Spotlight #11: InvictusProsper

Written By: Mattof7questions


InvictusProsper is one of our newest members to the clan. He is currently a member of "Spartans Company" and the most recent MotM holder (Member of the Month).



Q: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: My name is Jordan, I’m 22. I work from home and play too many video games in my spare time.


Q: Where did your username come from?

A: Invictus means unconquerable in Latin and I just added prosper because it sounded pretty cool and have had it for like 7 years now. 


Q: When did you join the 13th?

A: I joined about the beginning of November 2016


Q: How did you find the 13th? Or did we find you?

A: I was just browsing the LFG for BF1 on Reddit and found the recruiting post you guys made and just thought you guys seemed pretty organized and big and I’ve enjoyed being here since. 


Q: What made us stand out among the others?

A: Everyone is pretty cool, fun to play with, and organized. 


Q: Have you been in any other clans before this one?

A: I’ve attempted to make a clan with my friend for Destiny awhile back when that was coming out and it was just a pile of fart and the clan just kinda broke. I was with another clan for awhile that got a bit bigger but it was just for Rust and they didn’t really seem to enjoy any games except Rust.


Q: What was your first month like?

A: A thousand times better than most clans I’ve been in. I really enjoyed the fact that there were scheduled days for certain games and I just hopped in the party and was playing BF1 with like 8 other people a few days after joining. You guys were also super welcoming.


Q: So what’s be Happening outside clan life?

A: Not much really, I mainly just work and play games and exercise. 


Q: What is your biggest contribution to the clan and how does that feel to you?

A: I haven’t been around too long so I’m not sure I’ve contributed for too long but I do kick some ass in BF1 so that could count


Q: Do you have a hobby?

A: Gaming. a tiny bit of art I guess, I haven’t done anything really serious in art since high school, but I did alot in there in just drawing and occasional doodles. I mostly just doodle logos or simple little designs nowadays and rarely. Not particularly good, and the best thing I’ve made is the logo I currently use. (The red wing-shaped thing)


Q: Console or PC which do you Prefer and Why?

A: PC, because it is better in most ways and Ive had enough peasant years to last a lifetime


Q: Can you remember your first game/system that you played/owned, if so what was it?

A: I believe the very first one was the Dreamcast, it was pretty fun playing Crazy Taxi and Tony Hawk.


Q: What was your first “Online” gaming experience?

A: I remember the first day I played Halo 3 online after I finally got Xbox live for Christmas years ago. I don’t think I’ve played any game nearly as much as I used to play that. I also played Warcraft 3 quite a bit around then and played Custom Games for hours during the summers.


Q: When was the first time your raged at a video game?

A: Probably the first day I played Halo 3. 


Q: Favorite Game?

A: I honestly have no idea. Witcher 3, Warcraft 3, Halo 3. I guess anything with a 3 on it tends to be my favorites


Q: Least Favorite Game?

A: Destiny, never been as disappointed and angry at anything since that game.


Q: What was the most disappointing game you ever played/played this year?

A: I played Modern Warfare Remastered at a friends and laughed at how bad it looked and played, seriously disappointed at that whole ordeal.


Q: Was there (ever) a game that exceeded your expectations (this year)?

A: Titanfall 2 turned out way better than I expected. 


Q: Any Games you would like to see the clan take on in future

A: Titanfall 2 could use some more love, Also could use some more strategy games and it could be fun to find a fun MMO for us to play as a clan.


Q: Do you view anyone in the clan with a special kind of regard. I.e. does anyone stand out among the others?

A: I don’t think I’ve gotten to know anyone more than the rest, but you all are equally awesome and fun to play with.


Q: Do you have any good stories involving the clan that you would like to share?

A: Basically every Tuesday has about 5 hilarious shenanigans in BF1


Q: In General, what do you see in the future of the clan?

A: Not too sure, just keep on being awesome. 


Q: What event do you most remember in your clan life?

A: I had quite a blast playing Cards Against Humanity with a room full of drunken goofs, and that was pretty killer.


Q: Funniest moment in your clan life?

A: Sniping one of you guys in the face with a cannon across the map in BF1 and then having someone else in the clan do the same thing again in the same game was pretty hilarious. 


Q: How did receiving MotM (Member of the Month) make you feel? 

A: Surprised and Happy, wasn't expecting it and am just happy to be a part of the clan as much as I can.


Q: Any advice you would like to pass on the the newbies in the clan or everyone in general?

A: Just jump right into some games, we won’t bite (you). 


Q: have you met any of the other clan member IRL or/and  are you planning to?

A: Not yet and not that I know of.


Q: What do you think was the high point of your life in the clan, and what was the low point?

A: Haven’t been here too long so I’m not sure there is one or the other. 


Q: So far how would you rate the “FT13th experience TM” overall?

A: A pretty awesome experience so far.


Q: In one word, what does this clan mean to you?

A: Fun.

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New Years 2017!

31 Dec 2016

Posted by thebronxbomber in News and Announcements
Happy New Years to all of you(z if you're Wulfie 😁)!! It's been a good year with you all and I look forward to what it's store for us.

Now, onto a more sobering topic....what are some of your New Years resolutions that you made while you were hammered out of your mind, that you will totally accomplish, and that you will totally not give up on and somehow reword into a "new and different" New Years resolution come this time 2018?

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[OFFICIAL] End of Year Awards and Honors

23 Dec 2016

Posted by TheDanius in News and Announcements



End of Year Awards and Honors


It is my pleasure to announce the recipients of the Fighting 13th's year end awards and honors. 2016 was a crazy year for a very large number of reasons. We, as community, saw a number of ups and downs. However, thanks to the contributions of each and every one of you, I think we are ending 2016 in a great place, and look forward to an awesome 2017. I would like to thank all of you for making this community the awesome place it is. We couldn't do it without you.


The following people have HUGELY contributed to the success of our community over the past year and deserve the utmost of appreciation and accolades.


silverstar.png     Silver Star     silverstar.png




Kyle has been an amazing contributor to this community since he joined. Over the past year, Kyle has been working tirelessly towards laying the groundwork for our upcoming Star Citizen division. He has also done much to publicize our community through the production of countless YouTube videos for Arma, Star Citizen, and whatever else he is playing. Kyle is always ready and willing to contribute to policy and strategy discussions, and is not afraid to make his opinions known and/or call me out on some bullshit. I truly appreciate his dedication and his contributions, and really look forward to growing the Star Citizen division in the coming year.


This award comes with a free full-priced game of your choosing! Reach out to me and we will figure out the details.



Meritorious_Service.png     Meritorious Service     Meritorious_Service.png




Lennoxx is one of our most active members, in-game, on the forums, in Discord, and behind the scenes. In 2016, she contributed greatly towards our Overwatch Division, assisting with recruitment, member engagement, running events, and partaking in numerous policy and strategy discussions. She has also taken over administering all of our social media accounts, and has developed new strategies for furthering those efforts. Lennoxx is always down for some games, or for some general bullshitting around on Discord. I truly value her participation in all aspects of our community, and I can safely say that this place wouldn't be the same without her. 


This award comes with a $25 Steam gift card. Lennoxx we'll chat when you are available to arrange delivery.



award_MOTM.png     Member of the Month     award_MOTM.png




Member of the Month is an award we have not been giving out nearly monthly, but something we are going to try to implement with more regularity moving forward. What better way to start than by recognizing one of our newer members' contributions to the community. InvictusProsper has been a hugely active member of our Battlefield Division, and constantly active on our Discord channel. Thanks for joining our community, and I look forward to continued BF rounds with you in the New Year.



Once again, a big thank you to each and every one of you for your individual contributions to this community in 2016. I really look forward to 2017 with you all, and think it will be an awesome year for us. 



Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

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