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10 Sep 2016

Posted by TheDanius in News and Announcements



Public Discord Test


After some presistant nagging, I finally got around to testing out Discord. During a staff meeting I had everyone join a test server that Lennox set up, and I am pretty sold on it. We are going to be running a test over the next couple of weeks to see how people like it. If people are on board I think we are going to switch officially from Teamspeak



If you already know what Discord is and/or if you are ready to join, follow the link below:





What is Discord?


Discord is a consolidated communications platform that allows for text, direct messages, and voice communications under one roof.


Right now we essentially have three main forms of communcation: forums, Teamspeak, and Slack. Discord has the ability to combine all of those functions into one platform. It is accessible via a desktop app, mobile app, and webapp. This means that people will be able to communicate with each other in real-time no matter where they are, weather at work, at home, or in-game.


It also has a pretty sleek interface. See screenshots below.







Please Join the Test


Please join the test of Discord by clicking on either the link above or below. We would really like everyone to hope on and check it out and let us know what you think.




I highly recommend downloading the desktop app for home use. It seems to work much smoother for me.



Old Teamspeak


The old teamspeak address will remain active for now, and we will probably hold on to it for a while as a backup. We also will continue to need to use Teamspeak to use Task Force Radio for Arma until they come out with an app that will allow it to work. 


I can see us transitioning completely to this in the future.




Please let you opinions be known by discussing below.

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[PSA] Teamspeak Address and Connectivity

15 Jul 2016

Posted by TheDanius in News and Announcements






DO NOT use the numerical IP address



I spoke with Clanwarz this morning. When they are DDOSed (as happened on Wednesday evening) they will transfer all TS servers to a secure and stable server, thereby changing the IP address. The URLs will always stay the same.


Please update your bookmarks to use the URL address moving forward.



The IP will be changing AGAIN next week.


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Member Spotlight #9: Kyle

20 Jun 2016

Posted by TheDanius in News and Announcements

Q: Where did your username come from?
A: Orgianlly i started out as KK a nickname i go by in real life.. yes you can see where this is going. So i joined 13th, and then realised TS and my task Force Radio wasnt allowing me to use KK as it was too short so i then named myself to this current day TheReal Kyle.

Q: When and why did you join the 13th?
I joined Fighting 13th back in 2015 1st April.
Firstly i joined Tactical Advance a big organisation within the Star Citizen community, and i also wanted to join an org for ARMA.
So i seen this community after i joined TA, and then seen SC division within this community. I left TA as i thought i would join F13th for that reason and for arma. Eventually knowing SC wasnt a division but i still stuck it out as you all were awesome to meet and play with. So i decided to stay within the F13th community.

Q: Have you been in any other clans before this one?
As stated above, i was in TA a month before the F13th

Q: What do you think was the high point of your life in the clan, and what was the low point?
My highest point would be when I was recognized for my work as a YouTuber helping promote our awesome community.

Q: What was your first month like?
The first two months were quiet due to unforeseen circumstances but once i had time i started to download mods and join in events.

Q: What event do you most remember in your clan life?
What i remember most is; joining Simons Sunday Skirmish and having a blast in Thirsk, being my first arma modded event when Teamspeak actually worked and seeing the snow drop from the sky as we were ambushed on a narrow crossing. Wont forget.

Q: So whats be happening outside clan life, anything interesting happen?
Well since started in the 13th, i have had numerous jobs. Mainly was working for Cubic Motion, a facial animation company, as i worked on a few AAA titles such as Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Untill Dawn, The Order 1886. I Also worked in numerous retail jobs, and was made redundant for 6 months. Now working in a job with print works/design, i also keep myself busy by doing freelance graphic design/video editor work, along with enjoying Life with family and friends, and playing games when i can, i also edit videos for my YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/Kylekjk19

Q: Do you have a hobby?
I know i play alot when i can, and sometimes long duration, but i can eat for 2 hours straight and not gain weight... miracles. I work out every 2 days, run twice a week, cycle every day, edit videos, rock climb, go snowboarding, anything that can get the adrenaline fix.

Q: Can you remember you first game that you played/owned, if so what was it?
Back when i was young, i would remember it was spiderman obviously on the snes and it was a 2d platform game.

Q: When was the first time your raged at a video game?
Halo 2 - to be continued.....

Q: Favorite Game?
had many through the years, always thought arma would be my number one but then i met Star Citizen haha

Q: Least Favorite Game?
Least favorite genre would have to be everything not realistic

Q: What are your thoughts on F2P games, You see a future in them?
not a big fan, i only ever play three games

Q: Do you view anyone in the clan with a special kind of regard. I.e. does anyone stand out among the others?
I cant say as i get on with everyone within the clan... obviously there is a few i spend more time speaking too and they know who they are just doesnt mean i choose a favorite

Q: Funniest moment in your clan life?
i have loads of funny moments so i cant really choose one, but have uploaded loads to my youtube channel

Q: What do you see in the future of the clan?
Well hopefully people can look past the crap that Star Citizen gets for being an Alpha, but as a great game and fun times to play with. i am now in charge of the SC division and trying to recruit but it is hard being the only one. hopefully in time it will pick up and become one of the best divisions within the F13th community

Q: have you met any of the other clan member IRL or/and are you planning to?
Nope, not as of yet,. I do plan to sometime this summer 2016 at some point

Q: So far how would you rate the “FT13th experience™” overall?
Up and downs but always a friendly and great community, always having a blast when we jump on together, hopefully newcomers will join in as much as most do.

Q: In one word, what does this clan mean to you?


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