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An interview with an F.N.G - Stoneton

27 Nov 2016

Posted by SimonSaysRIP in News and Announcements
Every month I'll be picking one of our up and coming members to interview, to give members of the Fighting 13th an insight into who's behind the screen. This month's interview was with new member Stoneton. I hope you enjoy. 
Q: Where did your username come from?
I have many usernames that I use, Stoneton happens to be my current #2 user when I can't get my primary: Tarius.
Stoneton is actually a play on words from my real first name, relating to its origins and how it has been changed twice due to interfering governments over the generations.
Q: What's your real name?
Q: What do you do for a living?
Currently I am a system administrator and Software Engineer for one of the largest software companies in the world.
Q: Any life goals?
I have and currently am facing some medical issues that have caused me to reflect on life and what things I would like to achieve.  I have developed a list of quintessential human experiences that I would like achieve.  I am slowly but steadily chipping away at that list.
Q: PC specs (feel free to provide a picture)?
Intel i7-6800k @3.40Ghz, 16 GB Ram
512 SSD, 1 TB HD
GeForce GTX 1080 8GB
Q: What attracted you to the Fighting 13th?
I've been stretching the life of COD: Blackops by playing Hard Core tactical crouch.  I was ready for a new game, but waiting to build my new PC until Mass Effect Andromeda came out.  I became impatient.  Built the new PC, and decided to get Battlefield 1.  After playing, I decided that I wanted to find other like-minded players of caliber to group with.  I searched a couple of sites, but found some clans to be too "strict" or too "over-designed".  Fighting 13 appeared to be structured enough to help keep things organized and moving, without making the clan feel like a second job.
Q: Have you been in any other clans before this one?
I've been gaming for a long time, but Fighting 13 will be my fist FPS Clan.  I've been apart of several bouts of organized gaming, including Diablo 2 and World of WarCraft.  I've been everything from Peon to Guildmaster, and in-between.
Q: If yes, why did you leave your last clan?
The last organized gaming group I was a member of was in Star Wars the Old Republic (2011).  I was kicked from the guild for arguing in favor of a different raiding system that was being proposed to the Guild Master.  Even though many of the guild members agreed with me, none of them felt the need to speak up.  Stopped organized online gaming after that.  F13 is my first return to it.  
Q: What would you say is your proudest moment, either in game or in real life?
Finding my wife and winning her over.  (Yeah, yeah.  Shut it.  Better to tell an awkward truth than an impressive lie.)
Q: What do you do other than gaming?
Spend time with my wife, watch TV, watch Movies.  (original... right?)
I LOVE movies.  I also technically collect them.
Currently battling medical issues, that have finally started to lose ground to me.
Q: What was the first game you ever owned?
Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt - Nintendo Entertainment System.
Q: What/was your favourite game?
Huge fan of the Mass Effect, Legend of Zelda, and Megaman Series of Games.  Was also a former fan of the WarCraft series, but I feel that the story telling has degraded during the course of WoW.
Q: Do you have a game you particularly despise?
Metroid: Other M, Super Mario Galaxy, 
Q: Do you personally know anyone in the clan?
Q: How would you rate your time in the clan so far?
Q: Tell us your most embarrassing moment, either in game or IRL?
of the ones I am willing to post here....trying to dance at my wedding.  I... Cannot... and... Should Not.... Dance.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

24 Nov 2016

Posted by thebronxbomber in News and Announcements
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

(Two things, I'm several hours late with this one, yes. And thanksgiving happens at different times of the year for different countries but this is when we put the post up).

Did anyone save me any of your leftovers? 😁

I hope everyone had a good or is having a good Thanksgiving day!


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Fighting 13th Secret Santa

22 Nov 2016

Posted by BillyBantam in News and Announcements


Back by popular demand is The Fighting 13th Secret Santa. For those of you that don't remember how it works/were not around last year....


You'll be given the name of a clan member and you will need to by them a gift on Steam (no copies of Hatoful Boyfriend please, WhiskeyFox bought pretty much everyone a copy last year), gift it to Santa's Little helper, and he will pass the gift onto you. In return you will receive a gift from someone else. I've added voting options for the gift value at the top. If you would like to take part please vote, and reply with a link to your steam profile.


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